In today’s health care environment, Long Term Care Facilities are struggling to keep their doors open and manage services in the face of increased budget cuts and current health care reform initiatives. Furthermore, they struggle to recruit and maintain skilled and dedicated personnel amid the demands of the work environment. For over twenty-one years, the staff at Oak Forest Psychological Services have helped facilities meet these challenges. Sharing the responsibility of care with an experienced and skilled team of providers helps the nursing home staff focus on residents’ care and supports their effort towards full compliance.


Oak Forest Psychological Services’ staff works diligently to stay current with changes in the provisions of mental health services in Long Term Care Facilities.¬†We have a proven track record demonstrating our dedication to providing the highest quality of care. We would like our providers to understand the unique environment of the nursing homes in order to better facilitate the efficacy of care provided.


We welcome the opportunity to share with you our program of services.
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